"Serving Mankind and the Entertainment Industry since 1986"

"Serving Mankind and the Entertainment Industry since 1986"


The Dual -Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

I designed and built this static skeleton scene for Pirates Cove in Brainard MI. The two stock skeletons were positioned and fiberglassed. They also had steel brackets for easy mounting. The were them painted and aged. The costumes are museum quality

replicas as well as the swords. The gold mound is a fiberglass shell covered in replica treasure.

Dancing Native Refurbishment - Jungle Cruise -Walt Disney World

I did a total "Frame up" restore of this dancing native back to its 1971 specs. All based on the original documentation. You can see by the before and after shots of the hat, he was in rough shape. Insane.

Gus Gus Paint Job-Walt Disney World

I repainted Lil' Gus Gus for the Cinderella's Golden Carousel. You're welcome Cindy.